Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Alright, so Im gonna take a little different turn from the usual posts, and fill you in on some of whats going on in my world. This past week, we had transfers, porbably one of the most nerve racking things for missionaries. I have always been nervous around transfer time even when I know Im not going anywhere, I still get worried about who my new companion will be. Its probably really funny to watch me get all bent out of shape, sometimes I wish I could see myself, but then I would probably laugh myself to death. Through all that, I still find comfort. I honestly have found a deep love for reading my scriptures. This last week as things got more and more difficult, I sat thinking to myself what I could do to relax a little. Then, the thought came into my mind that I needed to read my scriptures, I thought, I read every morning, for almost an hour. So I have been reading a little more, I didn't really find anything that stood out or that hit me until today. I didn't even put it all together until just a few minutes ago. So I was reading in Mosiah, and I kept seeing the same word over and over, authority, I thought, yep the priesthood, we have that, it gives us the "authority" to act in Gods name. Ha ha little did I know that God was telling me that our mission president has that "authority" and he is using it to know where to put us. I knew that that was how president did it; prayer, fasting, being called to that position, but God was building my testimony, of the priesthood, of my mission presidents calling, and of the power of the scriptures. I know that the scriptures, can help each of us with everyday struggles, anything.

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